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It’s important for Brandecosse that we share with our customers what goes into Calzaturificio Diemme Boots and how you can get the best out of them. You’re about to make a significant investment in what we believe are the finest country boots you can buy, so it’s only right that you know what we use in making them and why we use it.


Whether it be Leather or Suede, the upper is the most expensive part of the boot. So why compromise?

When it comes to boots, there’s good reason leather has been the go to material for uppers for centuries. Naturally breathable, comfortable thanks to its soft- ness, hard wearing durability and water resistance. One of the most renewable and durable materials available today, something quite special.

We only use the very best Italian Anfibio leather we can find in our country boots. It’s the most expensive part of the boot, so why compromise? The Anfibio leather is subject to a halogenation process making the leather waterproof whilst remaining breathable. We take the thickest full-grain leathers we can sensibly use, specified at 2.6mm +/- 0.3mm. Oh, if you want to take some comfort from the quality of leather, you find upholstery leathers from this company inside Italian Supercars!

Country Boot Brontolare

The highest quality 1.4mm Italian suede produced by Gruppo Mastrotto. Soft and flexible but an incredibly durable suede specially produced for outdoor footwear.

Suede walking boots

Replaceable Outsoles

A quality pair of country boots should have longevity at their forefront, hence why all our boots have a construction which allows outsoles to be fully and easily replaceable, whithout breaking the bank. All Diemme boots feature either a Norwegian Welt or a Cemented construction. Both of which can be replaced by any certified Vibram cobbler.

Replaceable Outsoles


A true Italian giant who needs little introduction. A name synonymous with the finest footwear and known worldwide for their rubber outsole quality, durability and unrivalled traction.


Vibram Teton

Vibram® Teton

Grip, precision and long-lasting wear allow you to confidently master the most demanding passages on rock, in slushy snow, or on icy sections. An asymmetrical tread profile offers among other things a higher level of performance when on the mountain.

1. Large contact area for grip on rock
2. Broad lugs for maximum stability
3. Vibram® MONT compound for traction & durability

Models: Cervo, Cervo Rosso, Brontolare 11″, Brontolare 9″, Fagiano

Vibram Montagna Block

Vibram® Montagna Block

The sole that conquered Mt. Everest remains the quality soling choice for rugged outdoor wear. A specialist and firmer compound for maximum support and durability which maintains performance at extremely low temperatures.

1. Large contact area for grip on rock
2. Vibram® Carrarmato, the original Vibram® traction lug design
3. Vibram® MONT compound for Traction & Sensitivity

Models: Arno, Rubicon, Rubicon Sympatex

Vibram Friction diagram

Vibram® Friction

Approach sole of solid rubber. Excellent resistance to wear and high grip capacity, reinforced toe cap and undercut heel.

1. Large contact area for grip on rock
2. Self cleaning open design for traction and safety
3. Thin rubber bottom to optimise lightness/durability ration

Models: Capriolo

Vibram Betulla Country Boot

Vibram® Betulla Gumlite

A lightweight rubber compound and classic Vibram® mountain design known for its wear resistance and non-slip reliability. Lightweight engineering for enhances mobility and a wide surface contact providing increased grip and durability.

1. Broad lugs for maximum stability
2. Vibram® carrarmato, the original Vibram® traction lug design
3. Vibram® Morflex compound. Providing a light feel, comfort and durability

Models: Maria & Reno

Winkler Evo
Winkler Evo

Winkler Evo

German manufacturer of the some of the most technically advanced waterproof and breathable membranes in the world.

100% waterproof and optimally breathable, Sympatex membranes are designed to absorb any moisture from inside the boot and emit it to the outside while stopping any moisture passing the other way. The membrane also breathes dynamically, meaning the higher the physical activity (higher foot temperature), the more efficiently it breathes. Ideal for country boots. Keeping your feet cool on the warm- est of days and warm when the temperatures tumble.

Alongside producing a fantastic membrane, Sympatex holds sustainability very close to its core, a message of mutual importance. The H20ut membrane is produced from 100% recycled materials, is PTFE- and PFC-free and has been completely climate-neutral since 2017.

  • Recycable & recycled
  • pfc-free
  • Ptfe-Free
  • CEo2 neutral

Boot Fitting & Size

All our boots are made on European lasts, offering generous width and comfort. As they are built on European last, our boots follow European sizing in which we have put UK sizes to. Thanks to this, our boots are generally very true to size. Meaning choosing your standard shoe size should be a perfect fit, or at least very close.

However, if you’re still unsure why not get in contact with one of the team. We speak with our customers every day and over the past ten years we’ve built-up a good understanding of how the fit of Calzaturificio Diemme boots compare with other boots on the market, so we can advise based on the fit of your previous boots.

Fitting your boots

Once you receive your boots, you should make sure the size is the one right for you. It’s important to remember that being made out of leather, your boots will shape and mould to the shape of your foot. However, a boot which is too small in length is almost impossible to change over time, making getting the length correct of upmost importance. As for the width, your boots will give and contract in place over time to make a perfect fit.

Please take your time testing the fit indoors, as we will happily swap your boots for another size if they are returned in the condition they were received.

Follow the following steps to ensure the fit is just right for you;-

1. Ensure you are wearing your usual boot socks.

2. Loosen off all the lacing right down to the last eyelet above the toe

3. Slide in your foot and lock your heel right into the back of the boot by knocking the heel on the floor

4. Tighten your laces starting at the toe and tie

5. Have a walk around the house to test the size. Pay attention to your heel in which there should be very little or no movement in the heel. If there is, this may indicate they aren’t tied tight enough, or the boots are a size too big.

6. To test the size, stand on a slight incline with your heels propped up. Your toes should not touch the end of the boots and if they do, a size up would be recommended.


Pairing your boots with the right socks is a crucial part of ensuring your boots are performing at their best, as they determine the volume, fitting and comfort of your boots.

Moisture and friction together cause blisters, and reducing the change of even just one one of these two, and you will reduce your chances of getting a blister. Something the right sock can offer.

What to look for in a good pair of socks;-
1. The shape of the sock should be suited to the shape of your foot, and for this reason tube socks should be avoided

2. Socks which are made out of moisture wicking materials, in which Merino is a favourite of ours. However synthetics are good too. If there’s one rule with materials, it’s not to have cotton as this simply absorbs sweat instead of wicking it away to the Sympatex ® lining.

3. Ensure your socks provide extra cushioning to high impact areas such as the heel

4. If you are prone to blisters, you may choose to use a liner sock to reduce the friction on your skin which is instead absorbed by the liner sock

Breaking In

Feet come in all different shapes and sizes and while some boots may feel perfect right out the box. Others may take a bit of time for the leather to settle before they become really comfortable. However at first, your boots will be noticeably stiff when you first put them on due to the 2.6mm leather we make our uppers from. It may take some time and distance for the leather to soften up, but in the long run you will be rewarded in durability and longevity thanks to the quality of the leather.

We suggest wearing them for shorter distances at first, and gradually increasing the distance every time you go out. This will allow the leather to flex and soften up gradually, leaving you with a trusty pair of boots which fit perfectly. If we can give one bit of advice, we always say not to head out of a big hike when your boots are fresh out the box.

Exchanging Size

It can often be hard picking out the right size for you while shopping online. However we have done our best to put the most accurate UK size to our boots, as they are all made on European lasts.

When you receive your boots, put on your usual boot sock and wear your boots around the house. If you think a different size would be best for you, we are always more than happy to swap them out for a better size. Simply get in touch with the Brandecosse team and we will arrange this for you. Once you have returned your boots, we will ship a replacement pair free of charge with DPD.

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