Kirkbourne National Gundog Team Challange
Kirkbourne National Gundog Team Challange

Kirkbourne National Gundog Team Challange

2 August 2019

Here at Brandecosse, we were super pleased when Darren from Kirkbourne Spaniels got in touch with an opportunity to once again sponsor the Kirkbourne National Gundog Team Challenge. Taking place at Aske Estate in Richmond, 8 teams with a total of 32 of the finest gundogs in the country had their eye on the Prize of winning the prestigious event. We were more than happy to provide a pair of Diemme lace up boots as one of the many prizes at this wonderful event.

The competition consisted of a simulated shoot day using cold game with blind retrieves of up to 250 metres involving water, jumps and an array of distractions being the task on hand. The difficult course proved its worth with it becoming very apparent early on that only the very top dogs and skilled handlers were going to beat the course.

With such a tough competition, there could only be one victor and the all Ladies team the Magic Movers came out on top with the Kirkbourne home side coming in a close second. Steve Townsend and yellow lab Dee put in a marvellous effort and were awarded top dog and handler, taking home a trophy alongside a new dog box. In a very close second, Shannon Hartree received a pair of Cervo’s for her efforts, and doesn’t this pair just look great in them too. A big well done to all the dogs and handlers who took part in the competition.

Having known Darren at Kirkbourne Spaniels for some time, it was amazing to see so many people at the event out in the sun with our Diemme boots on, what a smart bunch. Thanks to the whole team for having us involved again this year, we just love to help you out anyway we can.

Till next time. Thanks, Josh

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