Leather Care Conditioner


Protects, conditions and nourishes full grain leather with a breathable Sympatex lining.

Grangers Leather Conditioner is a traditional conditioning product designed to add rain and stain protection to all leather footwear.

Keeping your leather boots looking and performing at their best can be something of a challenge. Boots and shoes are arguably the most hardworking element of any outdoor kit, and this means that they need to be maintained regularly.

There are a few brands on the market but after speaking to Grangers we have found confidence in them. This product is made especially for boots with a breathable membrane such as Sympatex which is used in all of our boots.  The conditioner is easy to apply due to its softer formulation, it also provides good water-repellency and nourishment without impairing the breathability of your footwear.  Simply apply sparingly to your clean, naturally dried boots to keep them in tip top condition.


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