The Maria

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    Maria-Ladies summer tall boot


    All about the Maria,

    A very splendid ladies country leather waterproof and breathable boot. We designed the Maria by the request of ladies who already have and wear for many months of the year our other ladies tall boots the Reno and Fiora. Cosy and comfortable the Reno and Fiora but the ladies wanted the option of a summer boot without the shearling wool lining. We got our heads together and decided to made the Maria designed up to a standard not down to a price. As always we use only the best of materials and have the Italian Signore brothers expert skills to build just the boot we want. The Maria is made to offer you comfort and support for all day wear, the Sympatex lining will allow your foot to breath but also act as a second barrier to moisture. On the Maria’s we have chosen a Vibram Gumlike sole which is hard wearing but also lite.


    Product Care

    Taking care of your Maria’s

    We supply with your boots a tube of Grangers leather conditioner this is made for leather footwear that uses
    a Sympatex waterproof and breathable liner. That and a scuff cover made by Cherry Blossom is all they need.

    1 review for The Maria

    1. Nancy Wright

      Wow! I have just received my Maria’s, I already know this brand as I have the Reno’s with the wool lining, I needed a boot that I can wear through the summer. I did have to wait a few extra weeks for them though as the tassels were late coming in but very pleased with them. Far too many boots are too narrow for me at the calf but these are just perfect. Nancy Aberdeen July

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